Welcome to Jean Gabrael Designs and our exclusive collection of cashmere sweaters and Tahitian black pearls. We are sure you will find something you like!

Finest Cashmere Available: We are pleased to bring fashion elegance with our selection of luxurious 100% cashmere sweaters in classic styles to customers in the U.S. and Europe. Cashmere is recognized throughout the world for softness, warmth and style. Our Les Bon CashmereTM
sweaters are the finest quality and are Grade A Cashmere. This high grade cashmere only comes from Nepal in the Himalayas. Read Buying Cashmere Sweaters.

Highest Quality Tahitian Black Pearls: Tahitian black pearls are recognized as the ‘Queen of Pearls’. Pearls from Tahiti are among the most valuable and rarest of authentic pearls in the world. Our Tahitian Island PearlsTM are the highest AAA grade. Jewelry comes in 18K gold and select items are available with VS quality diamonds. Read Buying Tahitian Black Pearls.

A Perfect Combination: Cashmere enables you to ‘dress up’ with a beautiful cashmere sweater or shawl and a fine dress or slacks; or ‘dress down’ with a sweater and jeans. Look great indoors or outdoors. Plus our Tahitian black pearls add a finishing touch to our cashmere sweaters or any other clothing.

Premiere Collection: See our exclusive selection of cashmere sweaters and Tahitian black pearls. Buying straight from the Himalayas and Tahiti enables us to offer exceptional quality and keep our prices reasonable. Most retailers do not carry this quality. Go to Premiere Collection.

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KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY: When you buy a fine cashmere sweater in a store, you end up paying 2-4 times more than the original cost. Middlemen, such as distributors and retailers, mark up the price of the sweater to cover their costs. From goat to you, there can be as many as five or more middlemen, who each take their cut. In addition, cheap or inexpensive cashmere – frankly is “cheap”. It is cashmere of lower quality or workmanship, such as Grade B or Grade C. However, does anyone ever tell you the cashmere grade? Probably not! All our products are backed by a 100% guarantee so there’s no risk spending money on a cashmere sweater or other item you won’t like. The quality of Les Bon Cashmere speaks for itself – Grade A Cashmere listed on the label.

All Tahitian black pearls are graded according to the official classification developed by the Ministére de la Perliculture of the Polynesian Government. Our high quality pearls are set in 18K gold with VS quality diamonds. in addition, all pendants come with an 18K gold chain. For assurance, an independent appraisal from the International Gemological Institute (”IGI”) is available. We avoid fake sales and exaggerated claims or hype, such as 25%, 50%, 75% or more off of retail prices. Whose retail price? Our prices are reasonable and remain consistent, which means excellent value and the best price every day.

Don’t Compromise, Expect the Best! See our selection of fine cashmere sweaters and matching Tahitian black pearls. We provide you with the highest quality cashmere sweaters and Tahitian pearl jewelry at a reasonable price. Satisfaction Guaranteed!